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Patches Kious
(1995 - 2010)


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General Details

Name: Patches Kious
Gender: Male
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Lab/Pit bowl
Age: 14 years old
Lived: Monday, 6 March 1995 - Sunday, 17 January 2010

My Story

In Memory of Patches

  Patches was a great dog. He had his own distinct personality which could be a little ornery as well. Patches loved to play ball and he loved to chew on Raw Hides. He had a way of Laying where it looked as if he was praying. I have a picture of him doing it. The picture stays on my desk in Memory of Him. Patches loved to Run too, but an unfortunate accident took that away from him in his middle years. Patches lived on Love:) You can believe that or not; but I seen it for myself. When his health was failing him he still survived on Love. I was blessed to have known and loved Patches as he was blessed to have known and loved me too!!! His Master (Ward) he loved him unconditionally! They had such an unbreakable bond. Patches had a seizure disorder that Ward attentively paid attention to with love and compassion for Patches. I never knew then that his life would end with a seizure; that's how his  life ended to where he had to be peacefully put down to sleep. Not because of us but because f his body failing him. Patches had to take medicine and he Loved "Medicine Time" which consisted of bread with his pill, but he thought of it as a treat 2 times a day or more depending on the seizures. He loved when I called " Patches Medicine Time" he would come alive no matter what, like it was the best part of his day as long as he wasn't really having a seizure. Towards the later part of his life Patches loved "bedtime" it was his favorite time of the day or night. He would go to his pet bed which seemed comfortable to him and just lay there.

After Patches was put to rest we was given this Poem that I would like to share with you that I didn't write and don't know who to give credit to.


Just this side of Heaven lies the Rainbow Bridge.


When a beloved pet dies, it goes to the Rainbow Bridge.

It makes friends with other animals and frolics over rolling hills and peaceful lush meadows of green. They are as healthy and playful as we remember them in days gone by.


Together, the animals chase and play, but the day comes when a pet will suddenly stop and look into the distance...

bright eyes intent eager body quivering. Suddenly recognizing you, your pet bounds quickly across the green fields into your embrace. You celebrate in joyous reunion. You will never again separate.


Happy tears and kisses are warm and plentiful, your hands caress the face you missed. You look into the eyes of your pet and know that you never really ever parted. You realize that though out of sight, your love had been remembered.


You cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

By: unknown


We Love You Patches:):):) Until we meet again and cross the Rainbow Bridge know you are not forgotten or replaced!!! There is no one like you Patches (you are one of a kind)  

Love you sweetheart,

Mommy and Dad :)


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Owners Names: Shelley, Ward
Offsprings Names: Silly, Chinney, Hershey, Smokey and Charger
Other Family Pets: Ginger, Coco and Rico
Country: USA
City: Sioux Falls
Unique Markings: tail looked like it was dipped in white paint (cute)


Favourite Toy: Tennis Ball and Tug toy
Favourite Place: Snow, Parents Farm House
Favourite Meal: Pizza crust, French Fries, Meat
Favourite Game: Running away from home for a short time
Favourite Trick: Sitting Pretty
Favourite Music: Dancing Music with Dad
Favourite Charity: animal Rescue or Shelter for animals
Type of Affection: Belly Rubs
Pet's Peeves: people leaving
Other Interests:
Loved Grandma Munyon like no other and he loved Grandma and Grandpa Kepford like no other too:) Was a Daddy's Boy!!! Loved his Sister so to speak Silly (cat) They played together a lot!!!


Place of Passing: Pet Hospital
Date of Passing: 17 January 2010
Cause of Passing: Brain Lesions/Seizures
Type of Funeral: Memorial
Place of Burial: Cremation
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