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Bella Jacob
(2007 - 2012)


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General Details

Name: Bella Jacob
Nick Name: Bella boo boo
Gender: Female
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Jack Russell
Age: 4 years old
Lived: Saturday, 30 June 2007 - Monday, 14 May 2012

My Story

Bella was found by one of my friends along a country road. It took her a while to try and entice you out from where you were hiding and you were very nervous. She won you over and took you home and notified the proper authorities that she had you at her home, just in case there was someone who was looking for you somewhere. But there was no one. Julie wanted her daughter to adopt you, but she had a young son and found it difficult to house train you, so you returned to my friend's house and that is where I first laid eyes on you. When I first saw you I thought you were a staffie pup as you were so small, but I was told that you were crossed with a jack Russell and around 2 years old. When I was informed that you needed a home, I knew straight away that I wanted to be your mummy. It took a good while to gain your trust, but eventually I did, it was after this time that you became my shadow. You were very protective of me, you showed such love and affection, more than any dog I've known. You were such a beautiful dog with such crazy ways, you would destroy my stuff if i left you alone, even when Ciara came along, you still did it. Ciara was a tiny puppy when we got her, you mothered her and would groom her for ages, licking and cleaning her. You would also be protective towards her, if another dog showed her any hostility, you were in their face in front of her. You both would chase each other for ages and slept together or even on top of each other, snuggling up together. You loved her like you did me, and she loved you back. Your personality was so different from any other dog I've ever had, you were the one who will always stand out from the rest, you were unique, one in a million, the one who I related to the most, I always said that you were the canine version of me.. Sadly you lived with me only for 4 years before a tragic accident took you from us, I still cannot come to terms with how you went. It will always be one of the worse things I've ever experienced or suffered. I will never get over losing you, as you were taken so suddenly. 

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Flower Memorial Tribute
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My little Bella Boo Boo, not a day passes when I don't think of you or Roxy. I miss you everyday. I always try and fi...
Flower Memorial Tribute
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I still think of you everyday, and everyday I cry thinking of you. There will never be another dog like you Bella boo...
Flower Memorial Tribute
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Bella boo boo.. you were my special girl, one of a kind. Never have I ever met a dog like you and never will I again....
Flower Memorial Tribute
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My beautiful little Bella Boo boo. Just because I don't put a message on here all the time it doesn't mean i don't th...
Candle Memorial Tribute
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My Beautiful little Bella boo boo.How I miss U, Not a day passes where I don't think about U. I weep cause I miss U s...
Flower Memorial Tribute
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Not a day passes that I don't think of you, its still so raw losing you like I did. Every dog I see with your colouri...
Flower Memorial Tribute
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My little Bella Boo boo, not a day passes when you don’t cross my mind. I miss you so much and hate it that your not ...
Candle Memorial Tribute
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My Beautiful Bella, not a day passes when I don't think about you. I dream about you too, only when I wake up, it daw...


Owners Names: Maria & Kevin
Offsprings Names: Christina
Other Family Pets: Ciara
Country: United Kingdom
City: Enfield
Unique Markings: Ginger eyebrows and white stripe round her neck
Traits: Loving, protective, adorable


Favourite Toy: Rope toy
Favourite Place: By my side
Favourite Meal: Sausages and pasta
Favourite Game: Play fighting with Ciara
Favourite Trick: Jumping up into my arms
Favourite Charity: RSPCA
Type of Affection: Loving and protective nature
Pet's Peeves: Destroying everything when I went out.
Other Interests:
Cleaning and grooming Ciara, play fighting with her, snuggling with us both in bed.


Place of Passing: Home
Date of Passing: 14 May 2012
Cause of Passing: Accidental Death
Type of Funeral: Cremation
Place of Burial: Cambridge
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