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Cub Tenza
(Unknown - 2013)


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General Details

Name: Cub Tenza
Nick Name: Cubbie
Gender: Male
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed: domestic shorthair
Lived: Unknown - Friday, 7 June 2013

My Story

No better cat, than CUB

Cubby was my soul cat

my partner in paradise

Lame, starved and about to die

he came into my life


I found him limping, starved and very weak

we set him up alright

under my block, the cat feeders

would help him to survive


but he came to look for me

instead, on the 9th floor

I pressed the lift button and

there he was, waiting at the lift door


into my home and my care he came

I brought him to the vet

he healed, got healthy, no longer lame

he was a wonderful pet


so manja, talkative, and so loving too

he’d roam but he’d be back mornings

totally covered with dew

happy with his adventuring


I don’t know where he used to go

but my neighbours knew him well

it’s my guess he'd go say hello

coz he had so many friends and stories to tell


cats and humans, we can’t communicate

if you watched Cubby and I, you would be surprised

we knew each other so well, so accurate

our communication was precise


I'd snap my fingers

and he’d jump on to my lap

A child could play with him and he’d gently purr

this gentle giant would never attack


I’m so glad he stayed with me,

all the way to his end

all these years, my comfort,

all these years, my friend


When he got sick

my heart sank so fast

he started to lose weight

he lost muscle mass


his legs became so weak

he caught a nasty bug

he was slightly anaemic

there was no wonder drug

You see, when a cat has FIV

you can try to cure his ills

but he has immune deficiency

which betrays his body and will


he stayed on as long as he could

even though he was dehydrated

he lost his Cubby mind and mood

The date and the time was fated


When I saw that he was struggling to breathe

I knew what I had to do

I signed the papers to give him reprieve

I held his head all the way through


it was a gentle passing

he didn’t put up any fuss

although my tears were falling

through it all I had his trust


Going home with his empty cat bag

took all my energy

I was just so sad

the bag was Empty

when I got home all I did was cry

but at night, in the dark, he climbed up to me

I FELT his love and his goodbye

he must have heard my heartfelt plea


I could feel his weight on my chest

and hear his gentle meow

I think he knew I was depressed

although not seen, he was there somehow


I think his visit had a purpose

it felt like a benediction

he erased all my guilt and thus

I know this with conviction


he and I will meet again

in another time and space

our souls will align and then

we will be bathed in grace

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pebbles for my love.
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miss u luv


Country: Singapore
Unique Markings: white socks.
Traits: ultra friendly, very meowy, wants to be carried.


Favourite Game: Break out of the house and come back again 2 days later.
Type of Affection: Just Pure Love


Date of Passing: 7 June 2013
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