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Gizmo Carroll
(2009 - 2012)


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General Details

Name: Gizmo Carroll
Nick Name: Madam, Puss, Furball
Gender: Female
Type of Pet: cat
Breed: domestic short hair
Age: 3 years old
Lived: Monday, 5 January 2009 - Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Story

After adopting you at 8 months old, you soon became the boss of our house & was spoilt with hugs (much to your displeasure sometimes!). We introduced you to the outside world & you loved nothing more than being outside, except when it was raining! (when it rained you would stop at the open door & look out, then look back at me like it was my fault it was raining before dashing off outside or, more likely, coming back in where it was warm & dry.) it took you a few weeks to realise you could climb up & over fences!
You brought in gifts of love, including birds, dragonflies, a cicada, skinks & rats, some of which you released into the house still alive & they had to be caught & put outside again. The fish tank was a source of much entertainment to you & you could never quite figure out how to get those pesky things out of there. You liked catching things while i was at work & leaving parts of whatever it was on the rug for me to come home to. You loved your scratching posts & would leap to the top of your cat gym when i shook the treats jar each day. in winter you liked sleeping on top of the ducted heating vents. in summer you liked sleeping on the windowsills. you loved basking in the sun, sitting in the grass under the plum trees & chasing & eating butterflies, mosquitos & flies.. you would meet me in the driveway when i got home from work & come inside for treats. your favourite food was tuna & raw beef steak or mince & you would rub around my legs in the kitchen to see if i had any tasty ham or the like for you.
you occasionally had crazy moments & would run through the house, pouncing on the rugs, messing them up & attacking them then running off again. this was great fun for you. you also loved playing with ping pong balls as they bounced really well & you could flick them around easily & chase after them.
you were a cheeky creature & would run off most of the time when someone wanted to pat you, even me. i would get a good cuddle once a day & you would then sit nearby me or go to bed on my dressing gown in the bedroom. sometimes you drooled when you got your head scratched! during thunderstorms you hid in the wardrobe & occasionally bit me when i reached in to find you. you would also bite if i patted you wrong or if you were laying in the sun & got all frisky. most of the time the bites were gentle!
you weren't very fond of children, dogs, other cats or new people & had been to the vets twice for fighting other cats & coming off second best. i saw you chasing other cats out of our yard several times. it was YOUR place!
you were not too fond of our new puppy & used to hiss at it regularly, even though you were twice the size of it. we divided the house in half so you could still have your domain & be happy. you were starting to get used to the puppy & would sit in the yard, watching it play. there was never any fights but you easily outran the pup if she did come a little too close to you in the yard. you would sit up high on a blanket on top of my car in the shed & sleep during the day, or curled up in the grass near the fence in the sun. you also liked sitting in the front garden bed in the hot weather as the cool air from under the house made it a nice place to be. you would sit at the back door late at night while i was in the kitchen & when i looked at you, you would open your mouth in a silent miaow, a plea to be let outside again after you had been brought in for the night.
we only had you 3 years & now you are suddenly gone. i still see you out the corner of my eye or hear you walking in the next room. whenever i hear the beaded curtain rattle i think it's you walking through it. the last few nights we had together i like that you slept on the bed next to me which is something you hadn't done in a while.
i will miss you miaowing for me to announce yourself when you come inside & want to see if i'm home. you also did this when you had caught something & wanted to show it off. i will miss you in more ways than i can think of right now. i wish we had more time together. i hope you are in a happy place with lots of things to chase & a soft warm bed & know that i love you & always tried to give you the best of everything. XXX

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Heart Memorial Tribute
From: missymess
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it's only been 2 weeks since you left, feels like i haven't seen you in months... :(
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: missymess
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it was my first night coming home from work since you left & i looked to see if you were trotting up the driveway to ...
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: missymess
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Country: Australia
City: melbourne
Unique Markings: white with black & ginger patches
Traits: cheeky, cranky, sweet, inquisitive


Favourite Toy: stuffed mice, scratching post
Favourite Place: windowsill, bed, beanbag, towel cupboard, outside
Favourite Meal: tuna, mince, chicken, things with gravy
Favourite Game: hunting, ignoring me when you are called
Type of Affection: on my own terms!
Pet's Peeves: children, dogs, being patted in the wrong place


Place of Passing: at home
Date of Passing: 13 December 2012
Cause of Passing: accident
Type of Funeral: cremation
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