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Linus Noircent
(2000 - 2004)


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General Details

Name: Linus Noircent
Nick Name: Liney
Gender: Male
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed: American domestic shorthair grey tabby
Age: 4 years old
Lived: Monday, 25 September 2000 - Thursday, 30 September 2004

My Story

Linus was a playful, active, loving cat born September 25th, 2000 to his calico mother Hollywood. He was part of a litter of about half a dozen kittens. The family that adopted him also adopted his calico sister, Patches. 

Linus was very playful from the start and wasn't shy with new people. He showed the family dog right away who was boss. He lay in front of his sister since she was so shy, protecting her. He was active, running around the house at all hours of the night, pouncing on his sister and chasing lazor beams. 

Linus was an extremely healthy cat. When he wasn't playing, he was loving on his family with head-boops and rubbing against them to ask to be petted. He even licked fingers and gave kisses! He was famous for his various odd sleeping positions throughout the house. 

Sadly at about 4 years of age, his family noticed that he was getting thinner than his already slender frame. After bringing him to the vet, a diagnosis of liver cancer was found. A feeding tube was inserted into his neck, and sadly he deteriorated within the next few days and didn't eat. He seemed to know he would pass, since he spent quality time with each family member.

He was put to sleep to end his suffering, especially since his cancer was fatal. His "mommy" and "sister" humans were there when he was put down, he was being petted and caressed and spoken to softly. He passed looking upwards, as if he was looking to heaven itself. 

He left behind his sister, who was depressed for weeks. His family cried for a long while afterwards. 

Rest in peace beautiful kitty <3 you are missed!

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Miss you little Rocky <3


Owners Names: John, Ursula, Richard, Stephanie
Other Family Pets: Patches (sister), Molson (dog)
Country: USA
City: Stoughton
Unique Markings: White chest and belly
Traits: Slender grey tabby


Favourite Toy: Feathered mouse dangly toy
Favourite Place: Kitty condo
Favourite Meal: tuna
Favourite Game: chasing his sister around the house in the middle of the night
Favourite Trick: Chasing after a lazor
Favourite Music: Impartial
Favourite Charity: MSPCA
Type of Affection: Head-booping, purring, rubbing
Pet's Peeves: Being chased by the dog, being pushed aside by his sister when trying to eat
Other Interests:
Gazing out the window, meowing at birds and squirrels, running through blinds, chasing a lazor, sleeping in odd positions, resting in flexible positions


Place of Passing: Lloyd Animal Medical Center
Date of Passing: 30 September 2004
Cause of Passing: Liver cancer
Place of Burial: Massachusetts, USA
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My Friends/Family

Germaine Cauvin
1914 - 2010
Germaine Cauvin
1914 - 2010
Rowan Noircent
2012 - 2012

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