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Maci Hughes
(1997 - 2003)


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General Details

Name: Maci Hughes
Nick Name: MaciFace, babygirl, Maci-Mace
Gender: Female
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Age: 5 years old
Lived: Monday, 7 April 1997 - Wednesday, 1 January 2003

My Story

Maci came into my life in 1997, a little over a year after Maxx. It was the coolest thing... I saw an ad for Yorkie puppies in the paper and went to see them. I found out purely by accident that the mom and dad dog were actually Maxx's parents too! How crazy in a city the size of Houston to find HIS parents and be able to get his little sister!! He picked her out from the litter, he rolled her right out of the little pet bed and immediately started trying to play with her, so I knew she was the one for us. And from that moment on, they were inseperable.

Maci was a shy girl, and followed her big brother everywhere he went. He protected her, and they just became so close and they brought so much happiness to my life! She was a Daddy's girl, and loved to snuggle with me in my recliner and I sure loved snuggling her. She was a sweet, gentle little soul.

I lost Maci at the age of 5, on January 1, 2003 when my ex left her and Maxx out in the yard all day while she went shopping. They were never left out, and I think they got thirsty and somehow, Maci managed to get out of the back yard. She must have been looking for water, and found my garden pond in the front yard and fell in. She drowned. It was the most awful thing to find, and to live with. I felt so guilty that something I built and enjoyed so much, took the life of my sweet little pup. It was a horrible time and I don't think I'll ever truly get over what happened. Maxx was devastated when Maci never came home to him. He moped around for weeks, barely eating, to the point I thought I would surely lose him because of it. But he stayed with me for another several years before I eventually lost him to kidney disease.

Maci was a treasure, and I will always miss her presence in my life!

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Flower Memorial Tribute
From: Midian
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Here is a flower for Maci
Flower Memorial Tribute
From: mhughes69
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Hey sweet sweet girl. I miss you so much!! I love coming here to look at your cute pictures. I was looking through a ...
Heart Memorial Tribute
From: mhughes69
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I sure miss you babygirl!! I am so sorry I wasn't there when you needed me and I still think about that horrible day ...


Owners Names: Mike Hughes
Other Family Pets: Maxx (Passed in 2006) and now, Laci & Pixi


Favourite Toy: Stuffed animals
Favourite Place: In my lap
Favourite Meal: Canned food treats
Favourite Game: Playing chase with Maxx
Type of Affection: Loved to snuggle
Pet's Peeves: None
Other Interests:
She loved her big brother Maxx & was his shadow.


Place of Passing: Wellington, Kansas
Date of Passing: 1 January 2003
Cause of Passing: She drowned when a stupid woman left them out in the yard all day unattended & she fell in a pond
Place of Burial: Elgin, MN
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