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Patches Noircent
(2000 - 2016)


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General Details

Name: Patches Noircent
Nick Name: Poupoune
Gender: Female
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed: American domestic shorthair calico
Age: 16 years old
Lived: Monday, 25 September 2000 - Saturday, 29 October 2016

My Story

Patches was born on September 25th, 2000 from her mother Hollywood from a litter of about a half-dozen kittens. Her family adopted her at 8 weeks old with her brother, Linus. She was shy and reserved, and stayed near her brother the first couple of days.

As time went by, Patches bloomed into a loving, playful kitten. She would often play with her brother. She was the boss of the two, eating out of his bowl and bossing the family dog around. She really was a princess, and she knew it.

She became sad for weeks after her brother died at only a few years of age. Later on she became used to being the only family pet.

She thrived under all the attention she got. She always was a plump cat, loving her sun rays and always leading her family members to a patio door to be petted in the sun. She was vocal, purred often, and loved cuddling with her family. She liked to head-boop her family to show her affection.

Sadly, Patches developed a severe thyroid problem and had seizures. To end her suffering, her family chose to put her to sleep at 16 years old. 

Rest in peace you wonderful kitty <3 and thank you for all the wonderful memories!

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Je t'aime Patches <333 tu me manque deja <333333


Owners Names: John and Ursula
Other Family Pets: Linus, Molson
Country: USA
City: Gulfport
Unique Markings: Extra toes
Traits: Calico fur, extremely soft fur


Favourite Toy: Socks and slippers :)
Favourite Place: Her home
Favourite Meal: tuna
Favourite Game: Follow the Leader
Favourite Trick: Meowing when spoken to
Favourite Music: Her own purring
Type of Affection: Head-booping and rubbing
Pet's Peeves: Being ignored
Other Interests:
slapping slippers, meowing, massaging, basking in sun-rays


Place of Passing: Mississippi, USA
Date of Passing: 29 October 2016
Cause of Passing: Thyroid disease
Place of Burial: Vet
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1914 - 2010
Rowan Wenberg Noi...
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Germaine Cauvin
1914 - 2010

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