Pumpkin  Noircent's Memorial

Pumpkin Noircent
(1997 - 1999)


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General Details

Name: Pumpkin Noircent
Nick Name: Pumpy
Gender: Male
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed: American domestic shorthair orange tabby
Age: 2 years old
Lived: Tuesday, 16 September 1997 - Monday, 20 December 1999

My Story

Pumpkin was found as a stray 6-week-old kitten by his family. He had been trying to enter their neighbor's residence. His family got his attention by rustling leaves during that cool October day, and feeding him tuna. Of course the children begged to keep him!

After a vet's visit, the vet determined that Pumpkin had fleas and was 6 weeks old, but otherwise healthy. The decision was made to adopt him and he recieved a flea bath and a new home!

Pumpkin loved to play with kitten's toys. His owner watched videos of how to care for a kitten, and he was her responsibility. The two were inseperable. The family dog, Molson, also adopted Pumpkin, and both became best friends. 

Pumpkin would meow to go outside, so he lived a double life. He was an indoor cat by day, and outdoor cat by night. He grew big and strong, and was found easily climbing the trees and branches to hunt. He crossed streams no problem, and loved POUNCE cat treats. He would come running to his name from outside if his owner called him. 

Pumpkin often brought home various kills, including mice, moles, snakes, birds, even wasps. In fact, after it was seen that he had killed a blue jay, his family added a bell to his collar so the beautiful birds could hear him coming and fly away. As a result, Pumpkin often tried to bite his bell off. 

Pumpkin traveled to Canada a good 10 hours from his home every year of his life. He adored the change of scenery, and caught much more game in Canada. As long as he was with his family, he was happy. It was impressive how well he got along with the family dog.

Pumpkin was hit by a car before, and survived. He was in shock, but coming back from the vet and recieving treatment, he recovered well. He survived, so he got the nickname little tiger, for being tough and quite the skilled hunter.

Pumpkin picked a fight with a skunk once, and came home all smelly. He was given a tomato bath, to his utter disdain. After a night out, he would come home around 5 or 6 am meowing for his family to let him back inside.

When he was over 2 years old, he never came home that rainy day. His body was never recovered. A theory the family has, is that he picked a fight with something much bigger and stronger than him, and was killed. They know he never would have run away, since he was so happy and loved at home. Posters were put up in the neighborhood, and he was never found.

Pumpkin lived an amazing life, and he was a little girl's first love and first heartbreak when he never came home. He was best friend to the family dog, and loved and cherished by many. He will never be forgotten!

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You were my first furry best friend. Thank you so much for coming into my life. I will always remember you! I love yo...


Owners Names: Stephanie
Offsprings Names: None, he was neutered
Other Family Pets: Molson
Country: USA
City: Stoughton
Unique Markings: Golden eyes
Traits: Orange tabby


Favourite Toy: Feathery toys
Favourite Place: Vacation home in Canada
Favourite Meal: Tuna fish
Favourite Game: Hunting
Favourite Trick: Meowing to be let in from a night outside
Favourite Music: French soft rock
Favourite Charity: MSPCA
Type of Affection: bringing home prey, head-booping, purring, rubbing, licking, kisses
Pet's Peeves: Missing prey, missing a jump, missing a landing
Other Interests:
Hunting, cuddling with his owner, laying by the window, meowing and pawing at birds at the window, sun beams, playing with cat toys, eating, play-fighting with the dog


Place of Passing: Stoughton, USA
Date of Passing: 20 December 1999
Cause of Passing: Unknown
Type of Funeral: Memorial
Place of Burial: Body never recovered; box of his things buried in Stoughton
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My Friends/Family

Rowan Noircent
2012 - 2012
Germaine Cauvin
1914 - 2010
Germaine Cauvin
1914 - 2010

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